About us

About us

Fly Away was born in 2006 from the idea of Maurizio Balestreri to give life to a point of reference in Milan for all pilots and enthusiasts of real and virtual flight.

Born in July 1973, Maurizio has always been passionate about flying ever since, as a child, in the 80s his father took him to see airplanes at the Aero Club Milano, where he now practices his profession as a flight instructor.

At the age of twenty, in fact, he takes all the commercial flight licenses on aircraft; after an experience on Airbus 320 airliners, he decides to continue his career of pilot becoming theoretical/practical instructor (FI, IRI, CRI) at the school where he had made his first solo flight. Mauritius now boasts more than 6,000 flight hours on general aviation aircraft.

Maurizio Balestreri

Here you can find:
  • Accessories for pilots
  • Flight Manuals
  • Aeronautical charts
  • Aeronautical headphones
  • Technical equipment for flying
  • Pilot bags
  • Pilot clothing
  • Flight simulation
  • Cockpit accessories
  • Objects for flight enthusiasts
  • Books for student pilots
  • Books for aeronautical students

Where to find us

FLY AWAY di Maurizio Balestreri
Via Venini 16
20127 - Milano (MI)
P.Iva 04981850961
Phone: 02-36565816
Whatsapp: 3482266521
Email: nadia@flyaway-mi.it

We are in Milan, a few hundred meters from the Loreto (M1 and M2), Caiazzo (M2) and Centrale (M2 and M3) underground stations.

Reachable in less than ten minutes from the Palmanova exit of the Tangenziale Est.

Opening hours

Monday only in the morning, from 10.00 to 13.00. From Tuesday to Friday at the following times: morning 10.00/13.00 - afternoon 15.00/18.00.

It is possible to make an appointment on days and times when the shop is closed. For info and appointments: 348 2266521 (also Whatsapp)